Monday, March 24, 2008

What a night! Zachary, who is a dare devil and extremely coordinated, and who we always fear will fall out of a tree or off a wall or something dangerous, is at the emergency room for examination of a cut on his forehead - probably stitches. And all he did was fall off his own two feet while walking, not even running, across the living room - just hit the edge of a couch wrong and split the skin on his forehead. Poor baby! Except he would remind us he is a big boy not a baby. He didn't cry much, but was freaked by the blood and told me very clearly when asked how he was that he was "Bad - blood in my eyes." I wish Joanna didn't have to spend her night off in the ER with him, and didn't have to be scared. I actually had a pleasant time after they left helping K.K. review for a test about the Bill of Rights and then reading a sleeping beauty variant with her. I just hope Joanna and Zachary get back here soon and that he is OK.

UPDATE - oneish in the morning - He had a CAT scan and has a mild concussion and four stitches, which he handled like a trooper (the ER personell said he should be a model for the injured adults). They were worried because he was hard to wake at one point - but he is generally hard to wake in the first few hours of sleep. The scan looked fine. I'm relieved and Joanna is tired but also relieved. I talked to Zachary and saw his bandage, which he described in great detail, the tape on top of the soft bandage, on top of the stitches. He liked the CAT scan room, all the computers and machines, had lots of questions. "I went to the hospital!" he said. Indeed he did. I'm glad it was not a more serious visit than it was.


Ruth said...

I'm SO glad all is well and I feel much better now that they examined him for concussion! Poor guy--that kind of thing is scary but now he has a cool story to tell.

Dixi said...

I am so glad that Zachary is doing all right after his stitches. What a scary event for such a little guy. I am sure that you are all relieved that all is well.

Bob Hendricks said...

What a trooper! He is such a tough little guy. It almost makes me worry about him as a football player or rock climber or skateboarder. We do have a few years to work on knocking plenty of common sense into him!