Monday, March 31, 2008

Its so weird - a week ago Zachary was still in the ER, getting stitched, and now he is all healed, stitches out, just barely a scar even now Its amazing to me how something can be almost awful (brain injury, hospitalization, surgery,) and end up being over in a week - just a memory, a story to tell. "When I was five I fell in Grandma's living room and hit my head on the couch and there was blood in my eyes but Mama took me to the hospital and the doctor put me in the big machine to see if my brain was hurt and it wasn't and I got four stitches and it just hurt a little and I was brave." He was brave when the doctor took the stitches out too.


Mary J. said...

I am glad Zachary is doing so well. It is hard to believe in only a week he is healed, even with stitches out. You explain well that weirdness of almost awful turned just a memory. whew!

Dixi said...

I would guess that Zachary took this all in his stride. I don't think that childen of his age really recognize how serious something like this could have been, which is a good thing. It sounds like he was a little trooper, and yes this will always be one of his stories to tell when in later years people sit around and share stories of 'scars.'