Monday, March 31, 2008

Danny's maple, in my front window, is leafing out as I sit here on this rainy Monday writing on the computer. It was bare Friday - had two or three green leaflets near top and many bursting red leaf buds if you looked closely Saturday morning, and now, every hour, more visible starts of leaves - clearly evident now, without walking up close and looking for them. Danny's tree is always the last in our yard to feel spring, and the last to shed color in fall. Spring is officially present in my life today.


Mary J. said...

happy spring! We have daffodils and forsythia out, but not leaves on the trees. This weekend was COLD, which I was not happy about, as I can't wait for the pleasant weather and greenness of spring.

Mary said...

It is wonderful to read in your post that spring is now officially present, as demonstrated in Danny's leafing maple.

Oh, if I could see more signs of 'spring' here I would rejoice. I do see robins & the rhubarb, believe it or not, is beginning to pop out of the cold earth. But trees budding? No. Enjoy.