Monday, March 04, 2013

Family Monday

It's Joe's last full day here, and a sweet day. I like having him here on an ordinary day in the midst of all our Monday off to school routines. It has been so healing for me to have this visit, all of us clearly acutlely aware of Heidi's absence and mourning her, telling lots of Heidi stories, hard and happy, and also playing board games with Liam, enjoying meals, sharing plans and ideas for the rest of our lives. The statement I've heard so many times that we humans need to be able to speak the names of our beloved dead to others who care about us and about them has been a defining truth of this weekend.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Cousin Day

We had another great family day - cousins of al sizes tumbling like puppies all over back yard and trampoline along with an uncle and aunt - amazing dinner Chris prepared to all tastes. All must have tired themselves out as I seem to be the only one awake in a quiet house - before midnight even!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Visit from "Funny Joe"

Today my is full of family. With Bob's brother Joe visiting I've dropped all other activities for a few days, a real minivacation. At this moment Joe and KK are sitting together on the couch while he shows her video he took of her dance class this morning. Earlier Liam introduced Joe to his world of archery, sword fighting, and board games. We all had delicious lunch at hula hut on the lake. Tomorrow Joanna's family will join us for an even richer family day. Heidi's absence brings tears at times, and memories, stories, and pictures of her bring smiles and more stories. Loss hurts, and love really is stronger than loss.