Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a great Saturday the kids and I have had! We enjoyed the Farmers' Market downtown - bought cauliflower, purple cabbage, mushrooms, the cool weather crops. We explored the Texas Capital grounds with a friend who loves the history of the place and took K.K. on a personal tour of Senate and House chambers while the boys climbed canons and I sat on a bench and read Boom The boys and I enjoyed the Children's Museum while K.K. danced jazz and tap. After we came home we worked in the garden - much weeding. Everything is coming up. Zachary even accepted the need to thin the radishes.

K.K. started reading a book I got at the library for myself, A Hatred For Tulips and realized that it had really caught her in a way no book had in a while, so maybe she should be looking at some of the "adult" classics. I was at her age. She said, very contemplatively, that all of her really favorite books are very serious - don't know. At any rate it was beautifully satisfying weeding in the garden with Danny and Zach while K.K. sat near by in a lawn chair reading just because she wanted to. It doesn't get much better than that.

Bob commented on my last post that I seemed to be having an unusually hard time - and I'm not sure how true that is. It was a tough work week and I started out tired because of being up late Monday night when Zachary had his accident (He's fine now - stitches come out tomorrow). I am still grieving Ruth's and Chris' baby - grieving the way things were going, that little one developing and being with us in the fall. And I'm sad that Ruth and Chris are sad and that nothing I do can change that. But I'm not and haven't been in a terrible place. The issue of how to get through the day, how to anchor, is something I think about fairly often. I know how I do it (often from phrase to phrase as described in my last post) and I wonder how other people do it.


Ruth said...

I'm glad to know you aren't feeling too fragile--you have sounded like you were struggling more lately (though I can see, now, how it was just sharing your process).

I don't think most people do spend much time thinking about how they get through the day--in fact I think a lot of people's strategy for getting through their days is NOT thinking much about anything (why else are escapist behaviors so popular?)

I love your description of your day with the kids--it sounds so much like my cherished memories of my own childhood in the same garden, visiting museums, discovering the joy of books, etc.

Dixi said...

I can hardly wait until Farmers' Markets are available here again. We won't be able to buy any kind of produce until mid-June, I don't think. There is nothing like fresh farmers' market produce!

How neat that KK is reading a book that you chose for yourself to read. I remember in my growing up years that often I would read the books my mother brought from the library, and often she would read the books I chose. She got as much into The Boxcar Children as I did. I find myself wondering what the book Hated for Tulips is about.

You wondered how other people get through the day, how they anchor. I don't have any profound answer to that question. I just keep walking, walking through.

Ann said...

I love hearing about your days, Victoria. You do live richly and are a wonderful example for all of us, even as you struggle with life's challenges.