Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm in a better mood. The family enjoyed dinner Danny asked for a prayer, which was sweet - shared vor everything from rolls and jelly to the park to each other, and ending with a blessing on the baby and for peace for Ruth and Chris. It was good to eat together. The family liked the meal and I felt good to have made something that pleased them..

Chris dropped by for a minute to bring a bag I had left in the car last night. It was good to see/hug him - and to watch him in the backyard playing with the boys and the football - bittersweet.

K.K. let me read her email exchange with Ian, her dancer friend who is a boy and whose presence makes her glow. Sharing that was sweet. Life has good moments even on hard days.

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Dixi said...

How nice that KK let you read the email exchange. Not every granddaughter would. You are very lucky to have this kind of relationship; and so is KK.