Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter began with mass (standard for so many) odd in our mixed up multi faith family - but it felt right. Joanna and I and the kids went to early mass and I was impressed by the sermon in which the priest spoke of the presence of the Resurrection Spirit among us in the world whenever one of us feeds the hungry, shelters the poor, comforts those who mourn. It was about action and the universal availability of holiness, and I loved hearing it - felt included. I was also really glad Joanna was able to get to mass, and then to join the family for dinner (before Bob left for Corpus even!)Silly Sears was open yesterday - a very bad tradition it has started, being open on Easter Sunday!

I have come to a place of greater peace about holidays. For a long time I fought them (except Halloween which I just naturally love) - didn't understand the need to do things the same way year after year (cheese potatoes and lime pies at Easter, cheese potatoes and pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving) but Joanna's kids are teaching me how much joy those traditions give - the sense of continuity, identity, and something to look forward to in each season. The comment K.K. made a few years ago about something being "a part of my happy childhood". really got to me. Panicking about getting the order of things right, tired feet, forgetting the eggs in the corn pudding don't matter so much to me anymore. I'm just glad we can be together and have holidays which build family. This year's holiday cycle has definitely been the best I can remember for our family and (knock on my wooden head,) I think that is not all good luck but that all of us have developed skills that will allow us to keep having better and better holidays together.

Yesterday I was especially touched to have Ruth and Chris with us so soon after the death of their unborn baby. I am glad they felt safe to be with us and able to be so much themselves - to eat and laugh, take pictures and participate in confetti egg wars. I could imagine that they would have withdrawn, and that would have been fine - but I think it is good for the kids (and for me) to see that life does go on with them and isn't all grief every minute.


Bob Hendricks said...

Easter was delightful! I gave up my job of peeling potatoes -- KK said she wanted to do it. I gave up my job of taking photos -- Ruth is so much better at it. But I did not have to give up my job of hiding Easter eggs the kids dyed and goodies Victoria got. (Some hidden stuff may never be found)! Dinner was delicious, family had good times, everyone got along. Priceless!

SeaStar said...

Hey sweet one - so happy to see your comment here. It was a wonderfully rich family holiday yesterday and your prence really added - your contributions on so many levels.

Dixi said...

It is wonderful that you are able to participate in the celebration of Easter and its traditions with daughter's family and your grandchildren.

I am happy that you have come to a feeling of peace about the holidays. I am one who does think it is comforting to do the same thing year after year. Having traditional meals is a connection with the past that I appreciate. I bet those traditional cheese potatoes are delicious!