Sunday, March 09, 2008

I hate middle of the night phone calls. This time nobody died, but Ruth had (possibly is still having) a miscarriage scare. During a social evening with Marie and Bill she suddenly experienced a sudden spurt of bleeding, as yet unexplained. onogram shows the baby's heart beat is still strong and baby is still moving and behaving normally - they are keeping her long enough to find out why the blood . Friends relaxed enough to leave to sleep some. Chris sounds pretty steady ( joyful words "Amazingly we're still pregnant." and Ruth is uncomfortable and scared but sounds strong.- I wonder if it is placenta previa like I had with her. The bleeding she described is no more extreme than I experienced with her and I don't think I passed tissue, as she said she did. But I remember how terrified I was by bleeding cups of blood on Halloween night. We got through that and I'm hopeful she and Friedling will get through this - good that it is spring break for her, so she will have nine days before even having to consider returning to work. At this moment I'm hopeful. Should try to sleep a little.

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