Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Bob is home for spring break and work is busy. I'm feeling very introspective and would love to be writing hours every day - long long posts. BUT right now I believe its more important for me to be living my life than describing it. The Friedling's death makes me keenly aware any of us could be next, and any day. So I am watching movies and taking walks with my husband and we took Joanna out to lunch today and the boys to the park yesterday - just living and it is sweet.

I'm storing up topics for posts
Palm Sunday mass with the kids
Sunday afternoon hike at Bastrop STate Park - seeing the endangered Houston Toad with the kids - seeing them see it and appreciate it and not want to live - noticing K.K. note correctly that its mouth is green, receiving tender, patient instructions from Danny about exactly where to put my binoculars for the best view.
The people on the bus - observations and concerns
Early spring in Austin Texas and how does the garden grow?

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Dixi said...

I'm glad you wrote in your blog and shared some topics you've been thinking about. I will watch as the topics are brougt to fruition.

I agree 100% that it is sometimes (I would say most often) more important than to live life than to reflect.