Monday, March 24, 2008

It's a quiet day for me and I am loving it. I saw the one client I see at the house on Mondays and have been slowly straightening up, putting away the dishes and trappings from Easter dinner - emphasis on SLOWLY. I also finished Queen of Broken Hearts, a book which I couldn't put down but which I'm not sure I like - about a widowed therapist who holds retreats for those in the process of rebuilding after divorce. Something seems both real and off about the tone - a therapist whois relatively unable to apply the principles she teaches at work to her own life. Now I know the hard way it is much harder to practice at home what one teaches at work, but I hope that in my case the discrepancy between practice and teaching is much smaller. Still, I liked the beach town Alabama setting and the characters. It still seems to me that if this bok and some of the others I've read recently could get published by a major press, my Green Up should be publishable too. I hope to find the energy to try harder to get it out there. I know one of my character traits (flaws?) is to expect that things will ssimply turn out as they should for me - so I have trusted the book will get published and haven't worked as hard to promote it as I think it deserves. I hope I change my ways.

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