Monday, March 31, 2008

Twenty two years ago tonight, I put Ruth and Joanna to bed in a safe house. Kerry was already sleeping, preparing to go in for his night shift at the post office. When he left for work at two something in the morning I was still sleeping lightly, barely remember the kiss. Less than twenty minutes later the house was blazing with fire. The heater - which had been inspected just days earlier, had malfunctioned and explosive flames filled the hall, blocking my access to eight year old Joanna. I remember standing terrified in the heat and scream of alarm and roar of flame - standing in the door to Ruth's room believing Joanna was probably dead and there was nothing I could do about it - could only save the child I could save. That still is the most terrified I've ever been - and on this anniversary I am so thankful for the safety, however fragile, of my daughters and all the people I love.


Mary J. said...

wow - what a terrifying experience. I am thankful for their safety, too, and for the safety – however fragile, as you said – of those I love!

Dixi said...

It is interesting that you remember exactly this anniversary. As I think back on horrible events in my life, I really do not think in terms of dates. Or, for the most part, even years.

I am so glad that you all survived this fire and went on to rebuild your lives. I wonder if this fire changed the direction of your lives, what might have been different if there had not been a fire.

Peace to all of you who remember this difficult time.