Thursday, March 13, 2008

Especially in light of much of the welldeserved antiAmerican sentiment in the world today, I had an interesting taxi ride to work this morning. My driver commented on my name as being that of the English Queen, then mentioned that he had been a civil servant in Hong Kong and attended an audience during which Queen Elizabeth spoke. he said that he very much enjoyed seeing the queen. But then he started talking about how happy he is to be in America now because our country has given his son a chance for a professional education which he wouldn't have had in Hong kong. The son did not score high enough on standardized tests there to qualify for the university, but here, he received an education which allowed him to graduate last spring from the IUniverrsity of Texas. The father really felt that our educational system tries to teach individual children, not to simply sort and classify, as he said the system in Hong Kong did. listening to him did dmy heart good, even though I know our educational system has plenty of problems.

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