Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The body is such a betrayer. I am doing fine, holding steady regarding the death of the Friedling - being present for Ruth and Chris through computer - letting them have space otherwise. I even just pulled a bunch of beggar's tick out of the back yard before it could make burrs. Everyone, especially Lobo the long haired, will be better for that. I put in a good work day, took out the trash, even started a healthy supper for myself and am catching up on the wash - BUT I have a cold. There is always a price - the pain surfaces somewhere. It's not a bad cold and I'll be fine (and I hope noncontagious before Bob comes home for spring break) but I wanted to note this because it is so much the way things happen. When life kicks us we do stumble in some way or other. For me the physical quadrant is less managable than emotional, spiritual, or intellectual. Those I can pretty much channel with hard work, but not the body. it has its own truth.

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