Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's poetry prompt is to write a poem starting "Never....". Much easier than a sestina. I don't know if my version is more prayer or promise.

Never Stop

listening, learning, looking,
growing, receiving, giving,
forgiving, dancing, hoping,
remembering, dreaming,
writing, working, playing,
changing, creating, building,
healing, loving, living,
As long as I breathe,
may I never stop.

Victoria Sullivan Hendricks, April 29, 2009


Mary said...

Agreed! And ditto!

Peggy said...

I do love this Victoria, your voice and your philosophy. I want to buy a book of you inspiration to reread and remind myself of some of these important truths. thanks.

Judy said...

I think it can be both a prayer and a I hope to always make. Wonderfully written.

Anonymous said...