Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prompt today is to write a work related poem.

They'll Pay You

Mama said Education is
the road to success. Get
a degree. Get three.
Don't depend on a man to
support you. Men leave.
Men die. You have to be
able to take care of yourslf.
Education is the key.

Daddy said Don't let
anyone turn you into a
bean counter. Find work
you love. Work like hell
to get damn good at it.
Work from your heart,
passion shows. There's
always money at the top.

I listened well to both,
got degrees, found work
I love, made it my own,
work from my heart,
come home satisfied,
most days, good tired.
Still I needed smarts,
and luck. Very thankful.

Victoria Hendricks, April 22, 2009


Mary said...

Your parents both gave you good advice! (And your poem gives me an idea for yet another poem using the prompt IF I have time to write it.) It really IS wonderful when one is happy and satisfied with one's work. I felt that way many years when I was teaching. Now there are many days I feel that way about my present day's work, which often satisfies me greatly too!

Judy said...

You combined the best pieces of advice from both parents to do something that is meaningful and enjoyable for you, Victoria. I am so happy each time I hear how your work makes you happy. I wish everyone's did.

Diane T said...

Interesting to think about parental messages and how they have such an impact on one's life. I am glad too that you enjoy your work as you do.

Anonymous said...