Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prompt today was to write an angry poem and the timing was perfect because I hit a mood about the time Bob needed to leave that was full of that deep frantic tantrum anger - the if you let go of me I'll die but if you come too close I'll yell at youkind of anger I don't feel too often these days. I think it got triggered at the baseball game by the consistently rude behavior of the man behind us. He yells at players and uses crude language in a loud voice and bad grammar and profanity and just has an edgy, ugly attitude that brings out the worst in me. I want to turn around and tell him to shut up - or say something profound that will make him want to change his ways - or just punch him. So it is easy to get into angry tonight.


Can't find words,
targets, reasons,
need to smash,
break, break out.
I need you to
hold me tight.
Let me go.
never let go
all at the same
time and you
have to go it right
or we will both
disappear and
the world will end.


Mary said...

You have really described the flavor of a tantrum accurately and concisely! I think anyone who has had one or seen one would recognize its truth!

Diane T said...

You've captured anger! For sure.

Peggy said...

You really captured the feel of anger in this and I like reading where it came from for you. Too bad you couldn't change your seats at the game.

Lynne said...

Most insightful "angry" poem, Victoria. You describe the innermost tantrums adults have and they fit so well with the tantrums children display too. Nice work.

Anonymous said...