Sunday, April 12, 2009

The poetry prompt today was to write a ooem entitled "And So We Decided". I wrote my poem late, after talking to Bob on the phone, after a tiring, rich, wonderful weekend of interfaith celebrations of renewal and hope, freedom and commitment. I get overwhelmed way too easily by trying to manage in the world, get supplies bought, meals on the table, keep the spirit right. On the one hand I struggle, am not a smooth proficient hostess who keeps it all together. On the other hand, it is so good to have a family of people I love and respect, who love and respect me, to have a home in which I can entertain, to have money for not just groceries, but holiday foods, to have paying work I even love, to have health. The poetry assignment and my mood really melded together. I need to remember when I start to get anxious that it is a decision, my decision, hundreds of time a day, that what I have and am really is sufficient, dayenu.

And So We Decided Dayenyu

Dayenu, enough, sufficient
Prayer at Passover instructs
me to remember how little I
need, how much more I have.
Last night, draped in purple
silk, sweet cherry wine in
heavy goblet, baby grandson
passed from lap to lap like
pitcher for ritual hand washing,
I looked from face to beloved face
and decided again, dayenu, whatever
I lack, whatever I fear, in this
moment, life, family, circle, dayenyu.


Anonymous said...

Your poem echos the heart of so many of us..anxious in times of real abundance..part of the human condition some times.CA

Peggy said...

This is such a lovely addition to your collection of festival poems. I love the feeling of warmth your voice gives these. Passover blessings.

Mary said...

What wonderful Passover thoughts found their way into your poetry today!

And how special for your baby grandson to be passed...a blessing!

Judy said...

What a peaceful and loving celebration, Victoria. I love the feeling it leaves me with.
I am struck by CA's comment and find that so true.
I enjoy going through these celebrations and tradition and observances with you in your faith. I am learning so much from an inside view.

Anonymous said...