Friday, April 10, 2009

Poetry prompt today was to write about Friday - and it is just what I need. This week has left me tired, more than usual, glad for a shift in energy. Time to restore.

Friday Evening Falls

Friday evening falls like gentle
rain, purifies weary mind.
Shabbat .enters home,
quiet, calm, reminds me
to rest, appreciate, be.

Victoria Hendricks


Mary said...

In few words you have captured the spirit of Friday!

Ann said...

What a week you've had, Victoria. I'm glad Shabbat brings you peace. Enjoy your weekend with your family. Hope you'll share your Thursday reading with us when you catch your breath.

Peggy said...

Again I love the feeling of warmth and calm this poem conveys. I like the idea of Shabbat arriving in the evening with the peace this time of day can bring.

Diane T said...

So much depth in such a short poem. This is a wonderful addition to your collection of writings.

Judy said...

What a lovely peaceful Friday, Victoria. Beautifully written poem.

Anonymous said...