Saturday, April 11, 2009

The poetry prompt today was to write about an object

Seder Plate

I did not grow up with
a seder plate, have
chosen and purchased
the artifacts of Judaism
one by one, holiday by
holiday. Tonight I smile
as I wash my seder plate,
creation of local potter,
deeply textured in spirals,
Hebrew lettered wheel of life,
rim like braided challa.
I smile, pleased with choices
that led to this April moment
in which I stand in my
kitchen at Passover and
wash my own seder plate.


Mary said...

Very special that you now have your own seder plate, even moreso since you did not grow up with one. I picture this as an heirloom to be passed to the next generation.....

Judy said...

What a special seder plate, Victoria. I hope you will show a photo of that so I can see it. It sounds meaningful and lovely.

Anonymous said...