Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's been a comedy of errors getting my office put back together. When I arrived at work today, having been promised that the carpet guys would be down and the big furniture back in my office and books on shelves, the carpet was down but the furniture was still all out in the hall and the door wasn't even hung on it's hinges. I freaked for a minute - can't do counseling without a door! But my friend Bill hung the door quickly and we got chairs back in so I could see my first client. I had a break later and just hauled the big stuff back in myself - iompatient to wait, and it's mostly all togethr now. I'm glad I'm phyusically strong. My landlord apologized profusely and so did the owner of the carpet company - said the crew is usually very reliable and has never just walked off on a job like that. I have no idea what happened. Monitoring my own emotions, I realize I could have been much more upset about this whole leak/recarpeting/furniture out of place marathon. Maybe I am actually learning a little wisdom and perspective.


Mary said...

I am glad your office is back together again, that Bill was able to help, that you were able to haul stuff in even though you should not have had to....that you were not as upset as you could have been, and had reason to be. It is nice sometime to be able to reflect on how far one has come with 'handling things.'

Anonymous said...