Friday, April 17, 2009

Satisfied tonight after a long work day and work week. It even rained plenty today so the garden and trees should be happy. the babies' new apple trees are really leafing up. I have K.K. asleep in the back room. She and I went to see her friend Ian dance in Mid Summer Night's Dream with a youth company. He had his first lead - Oberon, and he danced it well, and was delightedly surprised to find K.K. waiting for him in the wings after the performance. The kids also danced a moving modern piece in tribute to the brother of the director, a south central L.A. school teacher who died of AIDS. Interesting commentary on medical care is that K.K. was surprised an American had died of AIDS - she sees it as an African problem.

So I'm satisfied tonight which makes the prompt easy. I'm supposed to write a poem starting with "All I want." So many places I could go from there, but none of them rings really true so I wrote it simple.

All I Have

All I want
is all I have.
All I have
is all I want.
This moment.
Child sleeping.
Cat rubbing.
Rain falling.
Heart beating.
All I have
is all I want.
All I want is
all I have.


Judy said...

I love your attitude in life and try to adopt it for myself .What I want is what I have. Sufficient is another word you have given me. These are great gifts that I plan to employ in my life.

Peggy said...

This is a wonderful poem full of peace and satisfaction. Feels good just to read it! It is so much your voice.

Mary said...

I love the spirit of content you show in both your comments and in your poem. I like the idea very much of saying 'all I want is all I have.'

Anonymous said...