Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm tired tonight, talked out, too warm in my house and too stubborn to turn on the AC, need to pack a few things to take to Corpus to see Bob after work tomorrow. Need to get more sleep than I got last night. I haven't seen any of the kids except K.K. for two whole weeks and here I am going away for the weekend. Next weekend I'll have to get a baby and boy fix big time.
I am looking forward to migration birding with Bob though, just being with him. And I smile imagining us on the beach at dusk.

Today's poem prompt is to write a poem of regret and I'm keeping mine simple.

I Regret

harm done
good left undone
cards unsent
letters unanswered
compliments unspoken
gossip exchanged
resentment harbored
forgiveness withheld
love unshared
good left undone
harm done.

Victoria Hendricks, April 23, 2009


Ruth said...

I really really love this poem--so true for me too!

Judy said...

Simple and oh so true, Victoria. This is a great poem. Hope you did get more rest so you can enjoy your trip to Corpus Christie tonight. Have a wonderful weekend.

Peggy said...

I love this Victoria. As Judy said, simple but so true.
I think we all regret these things. I know I do.

Mary said...

Enjoy the beach with Bob.

Your regret poem has a universal tone to it. I identify.

Diane T said...

You have really crystalized 'regret.'

Anonymous said...