Thursday, April 09, 2009

Poetry prompt was to write of an early memory. This is a favorite memory but one I haven't written about.


Lifted out of motel bed - still
in pink flannel night gown,
Daddy wrapped me in blanket -
Quiet - whispered, he wanted
to show me a surprise. Nestled close,
excited, I didn't ask what. He strapped
me into seat of friend's convertable,
top down, cold mountain morning
and drove up snake of road into
clouds- pink, golden, violet, glimmering,
irridescent, inside a mountain sunrise.

Victoria Hendricks

Tonight was great, if exhausting. We had a reading for the grief book Stricken, to whioch I contributed an essay. This is the second time I've participated in a readiong and it was, again, a very pleasing experience. We had around forty people I think - they came and went a bigt, never forty at once. I enjoyed hearing some of hte pieces read which I did not get to hear at the first reading.

Bob is home for Easter weekend - a real treat.


Mary said...

Beautiful poem, Victoria. I enjoyed 'being with you' as you viewed a childhood mountain sunrise. I love the surprise element too...reminds me of the surprise rides my mother used to take me on!

Peggy said...

Such a lovely memory Victoria. The way you write seems to convey warmth and a kind of security. Nice to have these kinds of memories.

Diane T said...

Oh, I can picture that mountain sunrise! Beautiful indeed.

Glad that your reading was a pleasing experience. I thought of you that night!

Judy said...

wow, forty people at a reading is wonderful, Victoria. I am so glad you are able to do this and that you are in the book. Mine has still not shipped from Amazon! It should soon they said.
What a beautiful memory of time with your Dad. Amazing and I'm so glad you remembered and wrote it down.

Barb said...

Lovely! Nice to see this blog. :)

Anonymous said...