Sunday, April 05, 2009

Prompt today was to write a poem about a landmark.


University of Texas Tower
pushes into changing sky
fossil laden, chiming song
backbone of family tradition.
Declares Ye shall know the truth
the truth shall make ye free.
Mama rode construction elevator
up it's bones, nineteen thirty
something, called it New Main
until she died in year two thousand.
I beamed pride when I used the key
to my carrel in its book-lined stacks,
like my Daddy, like my daughter.
Brilliant burnt orange for football victories,
Stained blood red when mad gunman
used it's height to facilitate slaughter.
Scene for study breaks, suicides, proposals,
Back drop for generations of graduations.
I look for it every time I walk up the hill
to the library, family landmark in space
time, memory, tradition, as long as I live..
University of Texas Tower.

Victoria Sullivan Hendricks,
April 5, 2009