Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Poetry prompt today was to write about a routine.

Bath Routine

I could call it ablutions
but that would be silly.
Every night I give myself
a bath, like Mama used to
when I was a little girl,
warm water in warm room
soft towel waits, scent of
chamomile, ginger, oiled
water softens skin, book
to read as long as I want,
time, my own, behind
closed door, cleansing quiet
between work and sleep.

Victoria Hendricks
April 8, 2009


Mary said...

Your bath routine sounds so relaxing and peaceful, Victoria.
I cannot remember the last time I took a bath. I seem always to be in a rush. I just don't take the time! Your poem makes me WANT to.
Very nicely written.

Judy said...

This bath routine does sound like a treat when you talk about it. I will have to try that again. I remember when the kids were growing up that the bathtub was the only place I could snatch for a few minutes of my own and I read in the bathtub. Showers became much more expedient but I just may have to try the bath, oils, and candles; with a good book, too.

Anonymous said...