Thursday, April 02, 2009

I could be frustrated tonight but somehow I'm not. The carpet is being pulled up in my office tomorrow and I may not get replacement carpet until the middle of next week. It is going to be odd working around the mess - using partner's offices, maybe seeing some folks at home next week - but it just doesn't seem to bother me. And little things can bother me. Glad this one doesn't.

Bob's fourth graders successfully reenacted the seige of the Alamo for the PTA meeting tonight and got good attendance and good comments from teachers and parents. It was a challenge to keep the very exuberant and noisy kids on task and moderately civilized, but Bob managed it. I love the way he does his work.

The poetry prompt was to write about the experience of being an outsider and this is what I came up with. I know I'm on a soap box about isolation in public places, but it just really bothers me.

On the Bus

Ear buds, Ipods, cell phones,
portable barriers separate
passengers, each outside
all others' reach. Collars up,
heads down, eyes blank,
each outsider an I, no us.

Victoria Sullivan Hendricks


Ruth said...

I likeyour bus poem--it always bothers me too (I remember being struck by that Fred Small lyric about riding through life in our airconditioned bubbles and this reminds me of that).

I'm glad Bob's reinactment went well--I hope we get to hear some about it. Will he be in town this weekend?

Mary said...

Good poem, Victoria....

I like the way you described people were "I" not "us" in the way they isolated themselves!

Mary said...

I also want to say I am sorry about the carpet and the inconvenience of having it replaced, working around the mess

I am sure Bob's 4th graders enjoyed the reenactment. I remember in fourth grade playing the part of Jean Nicolet (wearing my mother's bathrobe) who was the first white visitor / French to Wisconsin (or so it was said). It is fun for kids that age to role play!

Judy said...

This is marvelous, Victoria. You have put your finger on the isolation of today...everyone connected to some electronic device.
I know Bob is relieved to have the reinactment over with and done so well. Congratulations to him.

Anonymous said...