Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prompt today was to write a hiaku and/or a poem about hiaku (against the form or in praise of it). I wrote my hiaku about the view out my office window and my second poem about the family dramas people have brought into my office over the years.

Late Spring Afternoon

Green blows across blue.
Warm light, Chill breeze, short shadows.
Late sunset tonight.

In Need of Hiaku

Family drama swirls messy,
florid, torrid, hot with similie
and metaphor, reference
to past and future, blame,
resentment, recrimination.
Needs the cool quick focus
of hiaku, clean in the moment.

Victoria Hendricks - April 21, 2009


Mary said...

Both your haiku and 'anti-haiku' are rich with images!

Peggy said...

I love these two, the haiku and the anti-haiku take. Beautifully crafted combination of words in the haiku especailly.

Judy said...

In Need of Hiaku is amazing, Victoria. I think the world is in need of Haiku. :) To put so much mess in such a few clean lines is amazing and it just cleans up all those words in our heads over so much nothing. That's what it ends up being when the real meaning to life and loving comes clear to each of us. Hugs

Anonymous said...