Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Solstice - 2008

Temperature hovers just below freezing.
Pillowed clouds hang pale, low, full of snow.
Hannukah candles await dusk on silver tray.
Empty menorah reminds us light returns
before the glow is visible. Energy wakens
today, first day of winter marks beginning
of spring's green hope, promises flowers.

Victoria Hendricks, December 22, 2008


Mary said...

Ah, I love the idea that the first day of winter marks beginning of spring's green hope.......

Joe said...

Go Spring Go! (my favorite team)

Judy said...

Joe's favorite team chant made me laugh, Victoria. I do hope that spring like weather isn't far away. I love that you can see that in freezing winter right now. I know your faith allows you to see that. Yes, light does return.

Anonymous said...