Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am so much enjoying having a calmer work week - time to breathe and do chores backed up on my list, like mending. I still have Christmas/ Hanukkah tasks to do, but don't even go to work until noon tomorrow, so I should have time and energy for those fun jobs in the morning.I like the feel of life right now, as long as I keep work in balance. It is hard to imagine babies coming in February - a real new chapter to our larger family life. Coming, they absolutely are. I'm buying a crib from a client (just $25.00 with sheets, mattress and everything) to set up in my bedroom for visiting grand babies - fun to be entering that stage again. I think having the crib will make the coming of Liam and Andrea (Thing One and Thing Two) seem ore real.


Judy said...

Oh, I bet having the crib at your home will make the coming of babies more real for you. Its so nice to imagine you preparing as your daughters prepare. I bet the other grandchildren will be such a big help, too. Especially KK. This will be a family event for sure. Not many can think of having grandbabies born in the same month. I'm excited, too!

Anonymous said...