Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The snow didn't keep into morning - The ground was just too warm - but I'm really glad I went out and let it fall on me - caught a few flakes on my tongue. Today was good - a calmer work week has meant getting some bills paid and notes written, just a little more breathing and a sense that I'm in charge of my pace. Feels good. I still have gift fantasies I haven't gotten to. We'll see.


Judy said...

Oh, too bad about not waking up to a white world this morning. Its probably just as well since you have to be out and about in it. At least you got to see it last night.
I'm glad to read that your work week has been a bit calmer this week. That's a nice break to get a change to catch up a bit during this very busy time.
I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and not ever getting as much done as I want to this time of year...and I don't work!
I wonder what you mean by fantasy gifts. Intriquing.

Anonymous said...