Tuesday, December 30, 2008


You were a humdinger,
gunslinger year, wildly
you dealt wild cards, birth,
death, illness, threat, hope,
love, loss, turmoil, triumph,
all jumbled up .New patterns
New promises, New paradoxes
will unfold on the watch of 2009.
Sit down. Your turn is done.

Victoria Hendricks, December 31, 2008


Judy said...

This poem makes me smile, Victoria. I can just see the year going out in the haze of gunsmoke and fireworks. Humdinger indeed! 2008 can be laid to rest now as we all look forward to 2009. Happy New Year!

Joe Hendricks said...

I was quite happy to see an end to 2008! ..the economy, health, expensive home repairs, biz stress - hurray for 2009 !!

Heidi said...

wonderful imagery and so very true. You captured 2008 and our hopes for 2009 EXACTLY. Have a wonderful time in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...