Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've had time today to catch up - post my writerly attempts from earlier this week - so if you are interested in poems, check entries going back to December 21. Bob gave up on watching the Cowboys succomb to slaughter by Philladelphia this afternoon and is now dozing in front of the Jets and Miami game while I catch up on email. I bought groceries this afternoon and was entertained by the full sized pineapples - complete with greens. Ruth's pregnancy blog states that Liam is now about the size of a pineapple - a good sized fruit. Eager now to have both grand babies in arms, but not quite yet. Being with both pregnant (Bob made me smile by saying "beautiful pregnant" daughters for the holidays has been a real treat. It is definitely time to get busy planning and throwing showers.

At another life cycle moment, K.K. invited her dancer friend (and crush) Ian to the Hanukkah party and it was a delight to watch the two, very young in adult terms, very well mannered dancers, sit close together playing dreidel, sharing lattkes. K.K. called me this morning just to talk about how much fun she had last night - with Ian. I was glad to hear that. It was hard to tell by watching because both young people were quiet, reserved, careful, probably uncomfortable. I remember feeling like that in sixth grade at the swimming party of David Speak, upon whom I had a huge unrequited crush. K.K., I think, does not need to worry about her feelings being unrequited.

Christmas Eve at Joanna's house, while she and Tracy worshiped at mass, was sweet. Bob read the Christmas story to the children after Santa's cookies were in place on the mantle with a cup of milk Danny poured and carried himself without spilling a drop. Only K.k. was awake when the story was done, but the boys managed to rouse themselves to stumble upstairs to cuddle snug in their beds. I also loved it that, though we spent less than some years, all three children were outspoken in being thrilled with their gifts. K.K. said she got "absolutely everything I wanted!" with a look of transcendent joy - something I don't hear from any people of any age, and the boys seeem to feel the same. The adults too for that matter. Joanna makes a good Christmas.

Bob and I watched a superb, though painful film called "A Beautiful Country" while winding down on Christmas night. About a son of a Viet Nam war era GI and a Vietnamese mother who is terribly mistreated in Viet Nam because of the hatred for mixed race kids - "children of the enemy" "ugly" "pigface" "lower than dust". The hero truly is a hero, a hard working young man of great heart who eventually makes his arduous way to Texas to find his father. I will not give away the story, but Bob and I both give this film maximum stars.


Mary said...

I hear warmth and contentment in your post today.. your holiday season has been rich and wonderful; fun to picture KK with her young friend, on another occasion the Christmas story being read to tired children; and all looking forward to the two babies to be born in February....

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