Monday, December 08, 2008

Successful organizing day - especially considering seeing three clients at home and having a drop in visit from Joanna, Tracy, and the kids - very pleasant. I'll see Jo again tomorrow. She is actually off! I didn't htink that happened in December - and I have a noncrazy work day. We'll have lunch somewhere out and maybe look at baby things. I ordered Ruth's stroller on Saturday - as both daughters look increasingly pregnant, the promise of babies in February seems more real. I'm getting excited.

Something crazy is happening with my computer - I tried to get online for the whole length of my writers' meeting without success, and now I'm online, when I don't really need to be. Strange. I will never understand computers. But I do love the access they give me when they work.


Mary said...

What fun to think about the babies and to look at baby things. I can understand the excitement.

I hope your computer is doing better. We missed you at the meeting, but know you really tried to join us! Technology can sometimes be so very annoying.

Anonymous said...