Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a weekend - so rich in family and culture!

Saturday afternoon K.K., Bob and I went to see "Magic in Manhattan" a musical created by her favorite jazz and tap teachers at Ballet Austin. Her dear friend Ian sang in the chorus and played his violin in this touching show. I was so impressed by the reality level of the show, which dealt with a family separated at Christmastime - the Dad career military in Iraq, using frequent flier miles to send his wife and two kids to New York City for a special Christmas since he can't be with them. The emphasis in the show was on economic hard times - panhandlers, a soup kitchen, the whole idea of the absence of peace on earth and the value of being good to each other - and still there was lots of fun singing and dancing. And its always a treat to be in the Ballet Austin world with K.K., who is known so well there and can't walk ten feet without getting hugged.

Saturday night Ruth and Chris, Joanna and Tracy, and Bob and I went to see K.K. in the Nut Cracker and out to Katz' after. It was great to see K.K. dance as a bon bon for the second year, and to see the Nut Cracker on the stage at the new Long Center - beautifully danced and beautifully lit. James got a ticket not far behind us, which could have been awkward, but wasn't. Everyone behaved well, and I was glad he was able to see K.K. dance and brought her roses. So much has change in our family in the last year. I think I am probably the least adaptable of all of us to the many changes - but even I see the growth in each of us.

Today I took the kids to church, and I'm so impressed by the new priest - who is just full of life and energy, has a beautiful cantoral voice which he uses in chant an song and is just very warm. His sermon theme today was good for me - "Rejoice, anyway." It's so easy to get thrown off, irritable, "too busy". I think I've been in better balance all day in response to his words and the manner in which he delivered them. He also impressed and touched me by interacting directly and personally with the kids - not at all stilted or isolated. He just seems so natural with them and them with him. Zachary reached out to give him a high five and the priest responded in kind without missing a beat. After mass, I saw him standing on the sidewalk in front of the church consoling a woman who was crying - just right there in the windy morning doing what needed doing. It seemed exactly right.

This afternoon while K.K. danced her second to the last Nut Cracker of the year, Bob and the boys ad I went to a park that has basketball courts and Zachary really shone - making 20 baskets in many tries with a full sized ball and regular basket height. He dribbles well too - seems to really be learning how to play with a basketball. Danny made some shots too, but enjoyed a more typical afternoon of playing at the park. Zachary was just obsessed with the basketball - with shooting and with dribbling - dribbling all the way to the car, for example. Bob and I both shot some baskets too. I am always surprised (and shouldn't be) by how goo physical play feels. I've always liked throwing balls around informally and that hasn't changed at all. Want to do it more often.


Joe said...

Rich indeed! ..thanks for sharing this.

Judy said...

Wow, KK does indeed take you into another world. How exciting for all of you. I'm always thankful for the journeys my children took me on, places I would never have seen or realized in quite the same way. Now your grandchildren are doing that for you, Victoria. This warms my heart to read about it and brings a flood of memories.
How exciting it must have been to see KK in her Nut Cracker performance. I yell "Bravo", myself to her. :)Its a great thing that she has, this passion for dance.
How nice that you were able to attend church with your grands and meet the new priest. I don't know the content of his eulogy, however, the title is enough to bring thoughts to me of "rejoicing..anyway". I like that and it will do me some good, too.
Sounds like Zachery may be a basket ball player in the making. We have a basketball net here by the garage and anything there is a gathering here, someone is out there playing HORSE or just shooting some baskets and talking. We had the basket ball net for Brian and his friends years (and years) ago. When we moved in here finally Bill said, there's something missing and he put another one up. I thought it was unneccesary with just us but a lot of talks and a lot of fun times happens out there on the court (or drive-way you might say) LOL
Thanks for sharing you cultural/family weekend. It sounds marvelous.

Mary said...

Your weekend does sound wonderful and busy. Attending "Magic in Manhattan" and "The Nutcracker" (with KK's performance a highlight!) made for a busy Saturday! I am sure that KK loves having the support of her family; and fun that you went out with her afer the performance to what I remember (I think) is KK's favorite restaurant.

Nice to hear that the new priest is so good..not only with sermons but also with personally connecting and relating to people of all ages. So important in today's world to have a spiritual leader one feels good about, I think.

Anonymous said...