Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Ruth and Chris' Hannukah party, I know I should go to bed. It's been a busy, rich week. Bob had a minor but car destroying (not people hurting) car accident on Christmas Eve morning while I was at work. Ruth and Chris took tie from their crazy day to rescue him and pick me up at work and help us finish shopping. Bob felt guilty and sad about having destroyed a car that had served us so well and taken us so many places. I felt relieved he wasn't hurt and touched by Ruth and Chris' support. They also lent us Chris' car to use during the holiday break. Today we chose and have almost finished purchasing a Toyota Prius (what a cool car, with a camera to show what is behind when you back up and of course the hybrid greenness - our version is pearly blue). We left the dealership before finalizing the deal because we needed to get to Ruth's Hannukah party, which was probably the best of many good ones - a really delightful mix of chances to talk with old friends and get closer to newer friends of Ruth's and Chris's.

Christmas day at Joanna's house was lovely - such delight in the growing up children and hope in the babies to come - sweetness sharing food and time. K.K. and I ended up reorganizing her drawers and closet (one of those things we never would have planned but were delighted to have accomplished - started in the process of putting away new clothes and just grew). Tracy and Chris put up a backyard basketball hoop for the boy and all boys of all ages played some basket ball. There was a moment cleaning the kitchen after dinner when I felt the "three generations in the kitchen" sweetness agai, like at Thanksgiving. That is one of my favorite versions of sweetness.

I love my family - am so blessed in my family.


Mary said...

Wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas with family, to have a time of three generations working together, to spend special time organizing with KK with whom you seem to have such a nice relationship; and exciting to purchase a Toyota Prius during the midst of these busy days.

Joe said...

I am so thankful Bob was uninjured! We have certainly enjoyed our Prius - I am sure you will enjoy yours :-)

Sue said...

Thank goodness Bob was not hurt. New cars are exciting.
Your holiday with your family sounds delightful.

Anonymous said...