Monday, December 29, 2008

Danny is well celebrated - sweet time at the Austin zoo. He delighted in his presents and cake and just had smiles for everyone and everything. I thought it was sweet that K.K. had asked him what he wanted her to wear for his birthday and he chose an outfit and she wore it - just seems like something not every brother and sister pair their ages would do. Our new pearly blue Prius is out in the driveway. Bob and I stopped on the way home from signing final papers to buy seat covers - soft microfleece for the front seat and flannel for the kids in back -I wish they made microfleece for bench seats. We even got a new car trash container. I think we're funny, so excited about this car. S far it is averaging 54 miles a gallon and that's partly in town - AMAZING! All of us are excited about our road trip to Oklahoma with the kids in the new car starting Wednesday. K.K. is closer to packed than I am, I think. That girl is incredibly detail oriented. I work a long day tomorrow, but then am off for a whole week, which will be great. Last week I worked in and out between the holidays so this next week will be more of a vacation.