Sunday, December 07, 2008

New poem, not mine - as I begin to focus on light as the days shorten to winter solstice.

It is better to light candles
than to curse the darkness.
It is better to plant seeds
than to accuse the earth.
The world needs all of our power
and love and energy,
and each of us has something that we can give.
The trick is to find it and use it,
to find it and give it away.
So there will always be more.
We can be lights for each other,
and through each other's illumination
we will see the way.
Each of us is a seed,
a silent promise,
and it is always spring.
Merle Shain


Peggy said...

I seem to have gotten behind in reading blogs again with my busy days of late. I love catching up on yours as you write such interesting musing and thoughts. I love how you seem to try to live your life so intentionally.

I hear you about organizing--something I still push out there to do at another time except when the situation demands it. It would be neat to be completely organized at some point--but of course that would only last a day or so, if that long!

I too like a mix of the old and the new. In fact I usually do not classify things or think of things in this way, more like whether it fits the situation regardless of where it came from. I think life in gen eral just interests me.

I was thinking this weekend about how many different people there are and how we all work in slightly different ways--or very different ways.

I tend not to stay in my emotional mode and in fact often have had to work to stay in touch with it. This is just the way I seem to be made and I am glad I am at least aware that I have to work to experience both sides of life and can do it. I do think though that I have probably missed some of the richness of life by not being a more emotion-focused person.

Enjoy your continuing late Texas autumn!

Anonymous said...