Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I feel much better, brighter, than earlier before I walked to the store. It's odd how just walking up the hill in the cooling evening cleared my head, and how pleasant it was to just shop for tooth paste and tea without time constraints. I still have words and words to write and not the time I want to give them, if I am disciplined and get sleep before my work day. I will get at least a few highlights down.

Bob's class is wonderful this year (so strange how groups of kids can differ from year to year). I took them memory wire necklaces with pendants onf animals and stones.They chose with delight, care and gratitude. They asked questions about the stones, the animals, how I chose what stones and beads to use together, what tools I used, if I'd teach them to make necklaces (and yes, of course yes!)

I coached the kids on writing, revising, creating personal narratives, and this group tries so hard. They have stories to tell, real stories - just need to learn that mastery of the writing craft is the way to get their stories told. I felt excited, sitting with kids as they revealed the details of their experience whether riding to San Antonio in the back of a pickup truck with four cousins and an uncle, hunting and learning to pluck a wild turkey, fearing an uncle's temper, or making eggs and watching football with a loving Daddy. They made their lives real for me, and I felt honored.

The kids and parents see Bob for the mentor, teacher, good man he is and it makes me happy to see him in an environment where he is so clearly loved. The school kids and teachers were given free food at Gatti Land Friday night and I delighted in seeing all the hugs Bob got and the extent to which he was in his element, his world. I feel that kind of "at home" at my office and I like it that he has that professional and human community too. It would be nice if they were in the same city, but I'm more thankful we have what we have than fretting the details.

Saturday night Bob and I stood in the Gulf (beach re sculpted with less sand and large rolling swells after hurricane Ike). Sunday morning we visited the hawk watch and attended the Native American blessing of the hawks. The chanting and the emphasis on this season of change reminded me of my own tribe's chanting and singing at Rosh Hoshannah. Some of the sounds in the chants were even the same - especially "Ya." The blessing offered at the end was "May you walk in ceremony always." I like that blessing - re frame it "May you walk in mindfulness always." Or in shalom - wholeness.

Owl Truth

Springtime mornings last so long
we forget the deep night's song.
Fall trees flame, and we remember.
Owl's call shatters bright illusion.
Time is short, harvest uncertain.
Owl moon waxes, shows first crescent,
slimmest glimmer of life's full circle.
We sense death, and dread her coming
We fear death and meet her singing.
Owl moon holds us, coming, going.
She rocks us lightly, knowing, knowing.