Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joanna's birthday - I took her to supper at the Olive Garden and it was a sweet evening , just the two of us - felt good. Thirty one years ago feels like a long time, especially with her Daddy having been dead twenty of them. he was so much a part of the day of her birth, the beginning of her life. I remember walking to the library in labor with her - to speed things up, some of the same route I walked home from the bus stop today. I remember walking up the sidewalk to the front door the first time with her in my arms, and then, the next morning, Kerry and I going out on the patio to read the paper and have tea and locking the baby alone in the house. The second she started to cry, he broke the window and climbed in to rescue her. It is sad tonight that so many of the people who were actively involved in welcoming and loving baby Joanna are dead. Joanna, however, thrives. happy birthday sweet daughter.


Peggy said...

How neat to be able to take Joanna out by yourselves. I have not done that with either of my kids and it sounds like a nice idea. Now if they only lived close enough to do that! Our daughter is about Joanna's age--she will be 32 in January. It is sad to think of all the people who we knew and were closely involved with when she arrived who have for various reasons left our sphere--either death or just waning friendships. And of course what different person i was then. I would NOT want to be that age again!

Mary said...

How nice that Joanna and you were able to have a birthday meal together...just the two of you. She is right between the ages of my two of whom just turned 32 & the other soon to turn 30!

How sad to think that so many people who actively welcomed Joanna are dead. But thankfully both you and Joanna thrive!

Anonymous said...