Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am definitely in a mental place to need and benefit from the refection and turning of this time of year. I made a mental error at work which feels like a betrayal of trust to a friend. I meant no harm - was forgetful and careless or details as I can be - as I tend to be. As I said in my apology, I caused harm in the way in which I habitually cause harm, one of the ways it is hardest for me to change. I make no excuses. I had only good intentions and bad habits, and I caused harm all the same. So the reflection for today (which is one of my favorites anyway) has deep meaning for me.

Maimonides, the RaMBaM, describes the mental state we should adopt... We should think of ourselves and the world as perfectly balanced: exactly half guilty and half innocent. If we commit one sin we press down the scale of guilt against ourselves and the entire world and cause its destruction. And if we perform one good deed we press down the scale of merit and bring salvation to the entire world. Our simplest acts become infused with profound meaning.

Deborah E. Lipstadt, Emory University


Mary said...

I would think that your friend, who has known you a long time I assume, and would know you are an honorable person, would know you well enough to accept your apology . Everyone makes mistakes uninintentionally, and one just has to forgive and go on from there. I do hope this will happen or has already happened.

Peggy said...

It is often a struggle for me to remain mindful of the ramifications of actions taken without thought. If I think too much about this, it keeps me from doing anything at all. The responsibility is so enormous. I think we must also develop a balance between mindfulness and letting things slide by. It is a tricky thing.

Anonymous said...