Thursday, September 04, 2008

K.K. Sleeping - age 12

Even in her Pooh nightgown with Teddy cuddled close,
Even when she's nuzzled Caleb the cat goodnight.
Even though she still checks the bathroom light
Even after she's asked twice for a hug and a tuck.
Even with flame curls loose on her favorite yellow pillow,
Even in sleep, her face has changed, no longer a child's.


Mary said...

Beautiful poem!

Peggy said...

This is so beautiful and captures that kind of almost sad transition when they leave childhood behind. I well remember this transition with my own kids and how a part of me wanted to keep them children and another part tried to be glad to see them developing into future young adults.

Bob Hendricks said...

Good poem. She looks so sweet and innocent sleeping in that room. You capture in very well.

Anonymous said...