Sunday, September 07, 2008

I've had a really quiet day - nothing much to post about. I cooked mango for the first time in my life - yummy with turkey - actually worked on my long blocked projects, rearranged my closets for season change -nothing worth many words but I'm in the habit of writing here every day and want to give this good quiet day the attention it deserves.

Biggest accomplishment today is that my friend Katie, a local parenting coach and therapist published my piece about children and grief on her parenting blog. I'm wanting to write ore for more audiences so that feels good. If you're interested the link is


Mary said...

It is good to recognize quiet days too in the way that you have here with this entry! It is nice to be able to enjoy their peacefulness.

Congratulations on having your piece about grief published in your friend's blog! Your writing deserves a wider audience.

Peggy said...

Quiet days are good and sounds like you are getting things done with your scrap book projects. You must have mountains of material to work with if you can make a separate scrap book about your parents married years. Have you been keeping things for this all your life?

I also appreciate the philosophy in the quotes you posted on this day and the following.

Mary J. said...

I enjoyed reading your post on Katie's blog. Very insightful and approachable article; I hope many are able to read and learn from it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...