Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a lovely weekend, and completely different than the holed up weekend I expected. Yesterday Bob and I took the grand kids hiking out at Pedernales Falls State Park, our favorite "green glass river" park. We walked (and the boys clambered, climbed, and lept) through formations of rocks right by the river. K.. talked about sixthr grade, which seems a fit for her. She seems so self- contained and happy with who she is, and had just deeply enjoyed the first day back at jazz and tap with her favorite teachers. Danny and Zachary demonstrated great cheer and stamina, loving the chance to move and be in a beautiful wild place. Wildlife wise we struck it rich, seeing ring tail and fox.

Today was more mundane, lots of cooking and laundry - but Bob and I had good visits with Joanna and Tracy last night and Ruth and Chris this afternoon - Life truly is good.


Peggy said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend all around. Good family times and visits with your daughters and partners. Great that you appreciate these ordinary quiet good times so much.

Mary said...

What fun to have the opportunity to hike with grandkids! A perfect late summer activity for all, and seeing so much wildlife definitely was a bonus!

Anonymous said...