Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's odd that I didn't post about Hurricane Ike earlier. Maybe I really an brain dead, or just in denal or have dulled warning lights from the many times scary weather phenomena were predicted and did not hit. At any rate, Hurricane Ike may well hit Corpus Christi where Bob teaches, and may drop a lot of rain on us in Austin - winds too. Bob says the chance of a direct damaging hit on Corpus is still not real high. Storms are so unpredictable, however Bob will probably evacuate Corpus Thursday night unless Ike turns. There will probably be a day off from school there Friday. Bob seems calm, but has a full tank of gas and plans to evacuate quickly if asked to, with dog and turtle and camera and lap top in tow A cool thing is that his class is studying mapping and is tracking Ike - much to the kids interest. He doesn't seem to have any kids who are really terrified of storms, just appropriately cautious. I love how BOb is incorporating real life events into his teaching, and the kids seem to be loving it too.


Mary said...

I am glad that Bob is calm and prepared to leave Corpus Christi if Hurricane Ike takes a direct hit.

It is interesting that he doesn't have kids who are terrified of storms. It seems they must be already used to nature's way.

I do hope there is no loss of life in this storm.

Peggy said...

Glad to hear that CC may not get a direct hit. I keep thinking of the islands around Cuba that seem to get direct hits from all these storms. And Cuba. Amazing how we just pretend Cuba doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...