Monday, September 01, 2008

This will be a mundane post about a mundane and happy weekend.

I talked with Joanna last night, and briefly with K.K. and it seems that school started well for everyone at that house. K.K. seems much calmer about middle school now that it has started, seems to like her teachers and be making new friends. For the boys this school year does not bring big changes and they were both happy to see school friends again. Ruth taught her first ACC class of the semester today and she feels it went well. Her day job in the life skills class in the elementary school is also pleasing her - only ten kids when she feared more and another employee hired so the ratio is reasonable after all. Bob and Chris both continue to be happy with their classes

I'm loving having Bob for the three day weekend. He even came in Friday night bearing roses and lilies! We have had a relaxing, quiet time together, and got lots of grading done. I caught up his laundry and cooked lots of healthy Weight Watchers core recipes for us both to eat over the next couple of weeks. Both of us were pleased by the weight loss we are showing. We just need to keep it up. Today we received the exercises equipments (stretch bands for strength training) that Bob recently ordered. i like them and we both enjoyed our workout today. We even played some Scrabble tonight - one game with a twist Bob thought to add. We got an extra ten points if we uses a word from a specific category - tonight animals. I got four or five more animals than he did but he still beat me. Oh well, I live to play another day. We will got to a state park tomorrow morning for a hike before it gets too hot, which means I should be asleep or at least in bed, but I feel restless.

I keep thinking about the Gulf Coast (especially New Orleans) and Gustav - hoping against hope it won't do as much harm as it seems like it will. I do think it's appropriate and compassionate that the Republicans are playing down their convention n face of Gustav. I don't believe things happen for a reason or that patterns in nature are driven by the divine in a very specific, one on one way - but Gustave threatening New Orleans three years after the devastation of Katrina gives me pause. I don't seem to be able to settle to sleep and I think that's all Gustav.


Peggy said...

Hope you got a good night's sleep after all and got out this morning for that time in the park. Sounds like all got off to a good start of school year in your family. Middle school is such a key age these days so i am glad KK is feeling more comfortable now that it is started.

I guess middle school has always been a key age, though going to a k-8 school myself it did not seem that way. My kids got through it fairly smoothly--though we were in the Netherlands for son's 7th grade year. Actually I thought middle schools were the perfect sized school for teens and wished the high schools could be more that size (middle school was about 800 kids--high school around 2,000 or more for my kids).

Smaller has always been more comfortable for me and I am probably remiss in thinking this is the case for everyone.

Mary said...

I'm glad KK is over her initial days at midle school and that she seems calmer about it and likes her new teachers.

Good to hear that Ruth' feels that her first ACC course went well too.

I do think beginnings of school years are always a little bit nerve-wracking whether one is a teacher or a young person making some kind of change.

Good for you for cooking lots of WW core recipes. Diane has been making core recipes for us too; and I have basically been eating 'core' as well...though I don't have to. The way of eating makes sense to me. Continued good luck to Bob & you as you continue along this healthy path.

Anonymous said...