Thursday, September 04, 2008

John McCain's speech is much more what I expected - sober and solid and respectful - not hateful like the speeches last night. I have liked and respected this man for years. I was distressed last night by the tone - but not so tonight.

I do love and respect our country, and the democratic process as it plays out in this election and in our national life.


Mary said...

I thought John McCain gave a good speech too. He too wants to work for change in Washington, which he made quite clear.

The important work of campaigning, for both Presidential candidates, lies ahead. It will be interesting.

Peggy said...

I too thought John McCain's speech so much more respectful than the ones the nights before. I wanted to throttle Rudy Gulliani and Sarah Palin--plu-eeze! I am trying to prepare myself to feel OK about whatever the outcome of the election will be.

Anonymous said...