Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer is fading - temperature below sixty for the first time since spring early this morning - full harvest moon beginning to wane, summer green on neighborhood trees barely fading. The change is subtle right now, just starting, but heartening. It is the season of harvest and I am reflective Jewish holidays. I'm reflecting tonight on harvest. What am I harvesting this season?

Increased awareness that everything changes.
Initiative to write every day - at east something.
Renewed excitement in my work.
Commitment to healthier eating.
Increased closeness with both daughters.
A changing relationship with a beautifully developing K.K.
Extra delight in my marriage with Bob, and pleasure in his career blooming.
Renewed commitment to giving people the benefit of the doubt.
New and strengthened friendships.

I wonder what others are harvesting.


Peggy said...

Wonderful way to look at things, Victoria. I love your reflective posts--seems like you live your life so purposefully when you talk about these kinds of things. i will have to return later to talk about what I might be harvesting this year. I am feeling too scattered and distracted to hold onto and harvest anything right now! LOL

Mary said...

I love your comments on what you are harvesting, Victoria. Like Peggy...I cannot focus on my harvesting right now in this particularly busy of times.

Anonymous said...