Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm feeling time is short tonight because I want to put out fall decorations in my house and work starts eary in the morning. So, feeling that it is too late to write a long blog entry, I will use another Jewish reflective piece (and no, the irony of title and placement isn't lost on me - amuses me.)

It's Never Too Late

The last word has no been spoken,
the last sentence has not been written
the final verdict is not in.
It is never to late
to change my mind,
my direction,
to say no to the past
and yes to the future,
to offer remorse,
to ask and give forgiveness.
It is never too late
to start over again,
to feel again
to love again
to hope again...

Rabbi Harold Schulweis


Peggy said...

Wonderful piece Victoria. It sounds like your writing and I was surprised when I got to the end and it was written by someone else. Peace and mindfulness to you and your family in this holiday season.

Mary said...

I agree with Peggy. It does sound like your writing What a wonderful message!

Anonymous said...