Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today was ordinary, a good busy work day, not much to report. I did notice that the weather was soft and mild, not hot at all yet, really pleasant. It has been a sweet spring, and we still have bluebonnets, not all burned up like hte last couple of drought springs. Today's prompt for a poem was "Island" and I got a little nuts with it.


No I Land
not isolate.
We all land,
in the soup
we brew.
or toxic,
it is up to
all of us,
not just me,
not just you.

Victoria Hendricks
April 14, 1010


Mary said...

I love

"We all land,
in the soup
we brew."

Peggy said...

I do love this angle on the idea of "island." You have been taking creative perspectives on the poems and I enjoy seeing what you come up with. I find I often like the simplicity of the poems with very short lines too.

Diane T said...

Very, very clever, Victoria! I agree with your sentiments about landing in the soup we brew. Very well done!