Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today wasn't a hard work day. I even had the luxury of a long talk with Joanna, full of memories and a strong sense of connection. I feel tired tonight though, I think just because the day started early. The poetry prompt is hope or hopelessness.


Hope is a choice.
Hopelessness too,
a decision. Either
I believe I can use
whatever happens
to me for good
and live in hope,
or I believe my
well-being depends
on circumstances
and I despair .
is a choice.
So is hope.


Mary said...

I agree somewhat, but then again there are times I think when it doesn't seem like a choice to feel hopelessness....but more just 'acceptance' or 'coming to terms with what IS' if one can. Perhaps what one has to do with 'hopeless' situations -- change the wording.

Nice also to hear about the time of connecting!

Diane T said...

Yes, Victoria, both hope and hopelessness are choices. Very good point! Great poem.

Peggy said...

It is such a wonderful gift when a person comes to realize these kinds of things are choices. Hard sometimes to make them reality but they are choices.

Glad you had a good connecting time with Joanna.

Victoria said...

Thanks for your comments friends. Mary, I don't mean I think one should feel hope for a particular outcome in all situations. Some outcomes just aren't going to happen. I still feel a need to hope that, whatever happens, I will find a way to let it add to me,rather than diminish me. I think this hanging on to choice is a way I use to feel better in situations where I can't change the outcome - the choice about how outcomes effect not so mush my feelings as my way of being in the world.

Mary said...

Thanks for the explanation, Victoria. I like looking at it that way.